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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Keep It - Toss it OR REupholster it??

Furniture is a funny thing. The couch at grandma's can bring back wonderful memories, or maybe it's the first recliner you ever owned. The one sure thing about furniture is that no matter how much care you take, the fabric won't always last forever - especially if you have children. You can spend the extra dough - like I did - and get the steel reinforced frame and the solid wood beamed furniture. But even still the upholstery isn't going to stand up to four kids growing up on and around it.
Or maybe you come into a very nice piece of furniture - super comfy and sturdy - but it just does not match the decor of our living room or home or even personal style. But what are you supposed to do? Re-style your whole house or call a Doctor? Yes, you read that right - a Doctor as in Dr. Sofa!!
Dr. Sofa can give your existing furniture a makeover through the magic of furniture reupholstery. You can turn a fabric sofa into a leather piece of art. You know that chaise lounge you saw at that yard sale that you wanted so bad but it just does "go" with your family room furniture? You could send it to Dr. Sofa and have something completely new. Choose from a variety of fabrics, textures and even upholstery techniques to breathe new life into that old piece.

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