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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cure Your Child With Food! By Kelly Dorfman

“In her terrific book, Kelly Dorfman clearly explains how to decipher the clues to nutritional disorders that affect the body and brain. Parents will find it packed with sound advice and useful information.”

—Dr. Maurine Packard, Pediatric Neurologist, New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center

Four-year-old Tom had already seen a neurologist, physical therapist, developmental pediatrician, and speech therapist. None of these medical professionals could find a reason for Tom’s insomnia, lack of appetite, extreme mood swings, and propensity to catch every cold and cough going around. Kelly Dorfman spotted the signs of dairy intolerance, and Tom’s mother immediately removed milk products from his diet. In less than a week, Tom regained his appetite, slept better, and felt much calmer. After six weeks, he was cured.

Eleven-year-old Gaby was brought to Dorfman’s office by her mother, who was concerned about Gaby’s constant hunger and large appetite. Gaby claimed to be always hungry and had started to gain weight, and her mother was worried. After speaking with Gaby, Dorfman learned that gluten rich foods were the largest part of her diet, and cheese was her main protein source. By cutting out her high gluten intake, and by increasing her protein and vegetable portions, Gaby’s constant hunger (a common symptom of gluten intolerance) was satiated and she felt satisfied after meals.

Today’s generation of children has the highest rate of obesity, food allergies, behavioral and emotional disorders, autoimmune disease, and learning issues ever recorded. Dorfman believes this is often related to their diet, making it crucial for parents to learn more in order to help medical professionals help them.

Backed by cutting-edge science and the know-how gained from a 29-year career in clinical nutrition, CURE YOUR CHILD WITH FOOD (Workman Publishing; April 23, 2013; $13.95; Paperback Original) by Kelly Dorfman, MS, LND, reveals the surprising role nutrition plays in healing children’s ailments.

CURE YOUR CHILD WITH FOOD is refreshingly unique because it pairs practical, scientifically-supported advice with fascinating case studies that read like medical mysteries. In addition, the book will give you the tools you need to start the conversation about nutrition with your family. As a mother of three, Dorfman understands the challenges parents face and she empowers caregivers to become Nutrition Detectives by revealing simple, practical ways to uncover the clues behind a child’s health problems and find an accurate, nutritional treatment immediately.

In this important book, readers will find scientifically supported nutritional solutions that address, mitigate, and sometimes even erase both the symptoms and the causes of stubborn health problems including:

· Picky eating
· Reflux
· Attention problems

· Ear infections

· Temper tantrums

· Behavioral difficulties

· Lack of energy

· Insomnia

· Learning disabilities

· Chronic tummy aches

· Anxiety

· Constipation

· Night terrors

· Eczema

· Depression

· Speech delays

CURE YOUR CHILD WITH FOOD is a must-read for parents, doctors, teachers, and anyone interested in the relationship between nutrition, health, and wellbeing. Parent – Child Talking Points in CURE YOUR CHILD WITH FOOD:

1. Mothers of adolescent daughters struggling with weight problems are in an impossible position. They have to address a delicate issue with possible long-term health and self esteem consequences without fostering hostility or setting the stage for an eating disorder.

2. One out of three parents face this situation, as 30% of adolescent girls are now considered overweight or obese. This number is higher for black and Hispanic populations. (Source: National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases)

3. Many children have problems controlling their weight because they feel hungry all the time. Telling a child they have eaten enough does not help if there body is calling for more food.

4. Not getting enough sleep and stress can make you feel hungry even though you have consumed enough calories. What most parents do not know is that typical kid diets with too much bread, pasta and pizza can cause an insatiable appetite.

5. Because of the way the brain works, weight loss diets are not successful with children. Changing the composition of the diet to reduce the appetite helps children regulate their own intake and gets parents off the hook.

About the Author:

Kelly Dorfman, MS, LND, specializes in finding nutritional solutions to common ailments. She writes for the Huffington Post, is a columnist for Living Without magazine, and has been featured in and written dozens of articles on health and nutrition. In addition, she lectures on diet and health around the country and has appeared on CNN and Fox News. Her practice is located outside of Washington, D.C. Her website is: www.kellydorfman.com.

Look for my review of this book coming soon! 

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