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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


SnoozeShade Deluxe Shields Baby’s Delicate Skin From The Sun’s Harmful Rays Throughout May National Skin Cancer Awareness Month And Beyond

Each year over one million people are diagnosed with skin cancer. May is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month and SnoozeShade wants you to remember that it’s never too early to think about the safety of your child’s skin. Skin cancer and melanoma account for 50% of all types of diagnosed cancers combined. The incredible thing about skin cancer is that more than 90% of it is caused by excessive exposure to the sun and could have been prevented.

As the snow melts and warm weather reappears, every mother wants to spend more time outside of the home. But is baby’s skin ready for those harmful UV rays? No. However, SnoozeShade (the leading sun and sleep shade for strollers) figured out how to do both; let mom enjoy the sunshine while keeping baby’s skin healthy. SnoozeShade’s newly launched Deluxe line, featuring upgraded sleek silver fabric and innovative safety-certified snaps instead of Velcro, is designed to keep baby safe from the elements while allowing her to sleep peacefully in the stroller. Newborns have very delicate skin that burns easy, and sunscreen is not recommended for children under 6 months old. SnoozeShade Deluxe eliminates any worry about your child being overexposed to the heat and sun of summer because it blocks over 97% of the sun's UV rays.

SnoozeShade Deluxe easily attaches to most strollers and car seats with its new safety snaps and diminishes lighting to allow your infant to sleep anywhere, while being protected by the sun. The covers shield your child from many of nature’s biggest elements with its UPF40+ throughout the whole shade. SnoozeShade is PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) meaning it will not only keep you happy, but your child happy and healthy as well!

Here are some healthy tips to keep in mind with summer quickly approaching:

• Avoid the strongest hours of the day. The sun is strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Try to avoid having your baby in direct sunlight during those hours of the day.

• When outside, park the stroller or set up the car seat in the shade. Your baby will be much cooler and much happier if they aren’t sitting baking in the sunshine.

• Remember that sun reflects off water and sand and to keep baby out of those reflections.

Summer is fun and should be filled with trips to the beach and the park. SnoozeShade will help you enjoy the long days of summer, without a fussy, uncomfortable baby!

SnoozeShade’s Deluxe line was designed with every type of mother in mind. You will be able to meet the needs of the whole family while still attending to the needs of your infant.

Snoozeshade Original Deluxe removes visual distractions that can keep baby awake and can be used in four ways to help baby sleep or create shade. The sneak-a-peek zip lets parents check on sleeping baby. Protects baby from over 97% of the sun's UV rays (UPF 40+). It universally fits all strollers and joggers. $39.99

Snoozeshade Plus Deluxe has a single layer 'lookout' window for little ones to see out and enjoy the sights while protecting them from 80% of UV rays while in 'lookout' mode, over 97% (UPF 40+) in snooze mode. When it's nap time, simply zip up the outer layer 'snooze' panel to create a cozy, darkened, distraction-free environment that helps tired babies nap. The sneak-a-peek zip lets parents check on sleeping baby. It universally fits all strollers and joggers. $59.99

Snoozeshade Deluxe for Infant Car Seats conveniently fits most car seats and also features a lookout panel which protects babies from 80% of UV rays while allowing them to still watch surrounding activity (while in 'lookout' mode, over 97% (UPF 40+) in snooze mode). To create a darkened and soothing environment just put up the outer layer to remove visual stimulation so that babies can ease into nap mode without distractions! $39.99

SnoozeShade won “Gold” in the 2012 National Parenting Publications Awards, as well as The National Parenting Center’s 2012 Seal of Approval. It also is a winner of Red Tricycle’s 2012 Totally Awesome Awards, as well as a winner in the 2012 Cribsie Awards. SnoozeShade also won “Gold” for “Best Innovation” in the prestigious Mother & Baby Magazine Awards. Visit SnoozeShade’s website for complete details. You can also like SnoozeShade on Facebook and follow them on Twitter (@SnoozeShadeUSA).

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