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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

SuperMOM Super Powers

Yesterday I talked about the fact that any mom can be a SuperMOM - just remember that you just need to be the Super hero that YOUR family needs and not some other family! Here are some more explanations of some of the awesome superpowers a SuperMOM has.  Some of these are just a gift from God, while others have to be perfected with time - and number of children!

1. Adjustable sense of smell – the ability to pinpoint the location of a horrific stench then turn it off when you realize it’s coming from your “potty training in progress” daughter who pooped in her princess undies and has since used it as paint for her caveman drawing on the hall wall

2. Sound Vision – the ability to “see” what your child is doing based on the sounds, or lack thereof, you are hearing.

3. Superhuman strength – the ability to carry a 30 pound toddler, a 15 pound infant in a 5 pound car seat, and a 20 pound bag of groceries, 100 yards across the parking lot – despite the fact that you have difficulty doing 5 bicep curls with a 10 pound dumbbell.

4. Position Holding – the ability to stay in the same position for an extended period of time after you have gotten a fussy child to calm down and maybe even fall asleep. This one is best demonstrated at church, and is definitely not one daddies are equipped with. The next service you go to look around at the people with children. If dad is holding the baby, he most likely will be constantly repositioning, trying to relieve the pressure on that arm that has fallen asleep, and upsetting the baby. If mom is holding the baby, she probably got the baby settled in a minimal amount of time and is holding strong in that position regardless of the numbing sensation radiating from her arm. This is has nothing to do with bashing daddy, but some things are better handled by SUPERMOM!

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