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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Review: Active Accessories On-the-Go Pouch

Active Accessories' On-The-Go Accessory Pouch is a versatile, sporty clutch designed for females of all ages who are always “on the go”. I personally designed the Accessory Pouch to fill my own frequent need of a “fun and athletic looking” accessory holder to put my jewelry in when I go from work at my desk job to teaching classes at the gym or running outside. I kept losing an earring here and there and my jewelry always wound up at the bottom of my bag, so I decided to design a solution!
The Accessory Pouch comes in handy for a diverse range of ladies and purposes, including:

· Working Women – Those who go from work to workout can use the Accessory Pouch as a place to store their jewelry.

· Outdoor Exercisers – Those who ride their bike and want somewhere to store their phone and keys.

· Gym Go-ers – Those who go to the gym with just an id, phone and keys will benefit from easily storing them inside the pouch.

· Moms around Town – Throw your keys, credit cards and phone into your Pouch and you’re good to go run errands.

· Travelers – If you’re going away for a night or two, store your jewelry in your Pouch.

· Preteens and Teens with cell phones – Those girls who are too young for a pursue but old enough to have a cell phone can carry their phones around in their Accessory Pouch.

Where can you buy it? The On-the-Go Accessory Pouch is now available for sale and may be purchased through Amazon.com at an exceptional value of $14.95. (Available colors include black, fuschia and polka dots)

Here's What I Think: My husband and I are headed to Hawaii in just over a month for our first ever vacation since we had children. This little wallet/pouch/wristlet is going to come in just perfect for the occasion. We plan to do all the things you do in hawaii - snorkling, luaus, horseback riding, sight seeing, all of it! - and this little gem will make the perfect carry all for my phone, credit cards/cash, and hotel room key. The zippers are nice and secure, and the pockets are great. You can actually get more in there then you might have expected. I am really looking forward to having this on our trip.

Disclaimer: I did receive a sample of this product for review purposes. These are my real and honest opinions.

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