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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I love being a Coppertone Water Mom!

I have been so lucky to be a Coppertone Water Mom this past summer! I was able to keep all four of my kids from not getting one single sunburn all summer - AND they were outside in the pool almost every day! 

I have learned so much about sun safety - like that my kids need sunscreen even when it's cold out. So even as the leaves start to turn and you are outside enjoying a good jump in those autumn leaves, you want to make sure that along with the mittens and scarves and jackets and boots and hats, your child needs their beautiful cheeks, nose and ears covered with some SPF!!! And to help me make this happen Coppertone sent me a great "End of Summer" kit with this awesome beach towel, beach bag and OF COURSE some great Coppertone products!

1 Busy Woman's Opinions:

Debras Dollars said...

Super cute! I love the Coppertone beach towel. Thanks for sharing. Have a great evening.