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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dine With Nature (Guest Post)

Whether you’re headed out of town for the weekend or plan on having a Saturday afternoon picnic in your own backyard, there are simple ways to glam up your picnic and dining table area. From the perfect tablecloth to delicious dessert, you’re definitely going to make long lasting memories while dining with nature.

Wildflowers in a Vase 
If you love wildflowers and there just so happen to be wildflowers in your own backyard, pick some of them and put them in an elegant vase to create a lovely table element. Or, if you are going to a nearby park or other location, bring along the wildflowers and plan on implementing them into your table set up. Once your table is set up, place the wildflowers in the vase with water and you’ll have an extra pretty table element that will look elegant and inviting. For extra glamour place sequins and sparkles in the water but make sure the vase is clear so you can enjoy the effect.

Pinecones and Acorns down the Middle of the Table 
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Planning an event either inside or outside of your home? An easy way to dine with nature is to either find or buy pinecones and acorns and strategically place them down the center of the table. Tuck your guest cards within the layers of the pinecones and your guests will be impressed with your use of nature. Plus the outdoor aroma from the pinecones will fill the air with a lovely smell and you’ll feel one with nature.

Weaving Nature with Tablecloths 
Of course a table setting wouldn’t be complete without a tablecloth. Find a practical and incredible cotton or linen le jacquard francais tablecloth and use it for your table set up. Beautiful and machine washable tablecloths are convenient to use either inside of your home or outside for a fun event that’s filled with nature. Plus, with their vibrant colors, the tablecloths will weave perfectly with nature.

Now that you have some ideas on how to create the perfect table setting, it’s time to get creative and plan a picnic or fun family event. With your wildflowers, pinecones and acorns, and a practical tablecloth, the event will be a success. Enjoy the company of your guests and look forward to planning yet another indoor or outdoor event in the near future. It will definitely be divine to dine with nature.

About the Author:
Sierra is a freelance writer who loves to write on a variety of topics from fashion to interior design. Plan a lovely outdoor event and enjoy implementing wonderful table elements such as a jacquard tablecloth.

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