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Monday, April 2, 2012

LOW ENTRY #Giveaway Link-up 4/2


Low Entries Link-up Mondays! (I picked Monday because I figure we can all use a pick me up on Mondays) A place to link up giveaways that are ending soon and have few entries. Here are the specifics

A Low Entries Giveaway is one that:

1. Ends in the next FIVE days (so if you started it yesterday, it doesn't end for three weeks and only has 20 entries, it doesn't count! - you can link it up over on my regular giveaway linky Fridays)

2. Has less than 100 entries

When you put in your link please use the URL that goes directly to the giveaway post.

Please include the blog name - item being giveaway - end date

**It has been brought to my attention that people have not been following the rules of the LOW ENTRY Giveaway Linky. This linky is intended to help people increase the entries on giveaways that are ending very soon and have very low participation. If you are just wanting to list your giveaway that does not meet these requirement please list them here - In It To Win It Giveaway Link-Up **

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