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Saturday, February 13, 2016

#Giveaway Teach Kids about Saving with #MoneySavvyPig #ProductReview

One of the best skills you can give your kids is to how to save and spend wisely. Being a banker, I see all the time the effects of adults that got zero guidance in the areas of finance and they are now having to learn the hard way. One of the easiest ways to start your child on the road to financial freedom is to get them a piggy bank!

Meet the piggy bank for the 21st Century - the Money Savvy Pig. This unique bank helps teach kids the basic money choices: SAVE, SPEND, DONATE and INVEST. Kids can set goals for each money choice, put money into each of the 4 separate slots/tummies and watch their money grow in each money choice chamber/"tummy". When they are ready, they can easily empty each individual chamber through a unique foot on the bottom of the bank. Each bank includes eye stickers, goal-setting stickers and a guide on how to get started. Available in translucent blue, green, pink and purple. For more styles of our patented banks, visit www.msgen.com.

My Review: This thing is pretty cool! I love the chamber/tummy design, because it lets your kiddo see where they are putting their money, how much they have for each of the four areas and how much they still need to save up. The stickers are awesome too because your kid can customize the bank to how they like it and even declare their goals by picking say a bicycle sticker to show that's what they are saving up for. The caps on the bottom are secure but not super duper tough to get off, like some banks can be. I am very impressed by the amount of thought that was put into this - both fun and educational is always a plus in my book!

Woohoo! Time for a Giveaway!!
Money Savvy Generation is giving away 1 Money Savvy Pig to One (1) Lucky Winner! Giveaway starts February 13, 2016 at 12am PST and ends February 21, 2016 at 11:59pm PST.

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Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinions and feedback.  

Friday, February 12, 2016

Take Your Efficiency on the Go!

When you are a mom you are always on duty - always on call - and always always ON THE GO!! The more kids you have the more places you have to be and then there are all of the errands that need to be run to keep your household up and running. And that doesn't even include any sort of job you might do outside of the home. Once you have been a mom for about a week you realize that life is only possible if you learn to multitask and become extremely efficient. One of the best times to be efficient is when you are on the GO GO GO! Here are my pointers to make it just a touch easier:

Always Plan Ahead 
You want to either do this at night just before you go to sleep (which will actually help you sleep better because you won't have all the tasks for tomorrow swimming around in your head keeping you up) or in the morning before you leave the house. You want to make a list - either on paper or in your list making app, I use Google Keep and I love it because I can share my shopping and to-do lists with the hubby so that we can really tag-team different tasks - of all the things that you need to do before you come home. Though it doesn't have to be extremely detailed - just a word or two that will trigger the task in your memory. This will also help you layout your route so that you do not have to backtrack. You will want to think about what time certain places open and plan accordingly.

Use Downtime to the Fullest 
When you are stuck somewhere waiting for something - like the auto shop, the dentist, doctor, music lesson, sports practice - there is nothing worse than feeling like you could be doing so many other things. If you read magazines, bring them to your own doctor's appointment so that you get them read and out of your house - then you can leave them in the office for someone else to enjoy (just remove your mailing label if you do this, just to be safe). You can also balance your checkbook while you wait in line at the drive thru or even while you are sitting at story-time with your kiddos. If you are working on a project - for work, for a fundraiser, for your kids - bring stuff with you. You can get Wi-Fi almost anywhere, so you can read stuff over, respond to emails, return phone calls etc.

Miscellaneous Tips 
Take you coffee to go! Whether you stop and get some, brew it at home or buy it and keep it in your fridge, you should take it with you. One of the most time consuming things we do is sit and drink coffee. For some reason we are not able to multitask at home while we drink our java but when we are out and about we do just fine - go figure.
"Errand Pool" - if you and your BFF have a lot of the same errands to run, think about combining your efforts. If you both need to pick up at the dry cleaners and you both need to grab milk - each of you take one task and meet back up for a play date.
Go Digital! If you can do it online - then do it!! Your bill paying, banking, correspondence, photo sharing, even photo printing can all be done online so mark that off your list and do it during that 2AM feeding.

While efficiency and multitasking are very important mom skills, you do need to know when it is the right time to take it slow and enjoy what's going on around you. But these concepts do go hand in hand, if you can turn 3 hours worth of errands into 2 hours by being efficient that's one extra hour spent enjoying your family.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Get the Look for Date Night with @Rimmellondonus #ProductReview


At the 73rd annual Golden Globes, Emmy Rossum stunned in a striking femme-inspired makeup look created for her by makeup artist Jo Baker using products from Rimmel London. Jo went for a modern-Hollywood bombshell look with winged liquid eyeliner, fluttery lashes and a fierce red lip.

“Cat eye and a red lip combo have been around for decades so the way I made his feel modern and fresh is by allowing the two colors black and red to feel uncomplicated. No eyeshadow, no extra shimmer on the face just the bold liner and red lip - super sexy and ultra feminine.” – Jo Baker, celebrity makeup artist

Here’s how Jo got the look:

EYES: Jo started by smoothing over a tiny amount of Rimmel London Exaggerate Eyeshadow Primer all over the naked lid of each eye, allowing it to sit for a couple of minutes, which helps keep eyeliner clean and in place for extended wear. She wanted the only two colors for this look to be Emmy’s jet black liner and lashes, and the red lid so she traced a rough guideline on each eye using Rimmel London Exaggerate in Smoke n Shine gel liner. She used a fine brush smudging it deep into the lash line for a deep and dramatic base for the liquid liner. Once both eyes were symmetrical and balanced using the fine liner brush, Jo swooped up the edges on the outer eye line, winging them up and out to create lift and elongating Emmy’s lash line.

*JO’S TIP*: “I took the brush I had used before with only the remaining product on the brush. This dry sketch technique gives you full control to design your liner with ease, making it easy to correct or wipe liner into shape until your content with both eyes.”

Jo gave this base liner time to set and dry before reaching for Rimmel London Scandaleyes Thick & Thin Eyeliner. “This calligraphy style applicator and pigment rich black ink is a staple for doing cat eyes in my kit,” says Jo. Starting half way across the lid in short strokes, she applied the Rimmel London Scandaleyes Thick & Thin Eyeliner on top of her guideline. Using the fine point of liner, she swiped a fine line close to Emmy’s inner lash line, starting off by making a thin line and then thickening as she swipe dacross the lid. When it comes to the flick at the outer corners, she tilted the Scandaleyes Thick & Thin Eyeliner tip and used the thicker flat part of brush to fill in and lift the edges.

*JO’S TIP*: “Have a damp Q tip handy and use it to push any liner away that is too close to the inner eye/tear duct area. This will prevent it from becoming messy later on as there is more moisture near this part of the eye.”

Next, it was time to add show-stopping lashes. Jo chose mascara that would help open Emmy’s eyes and keep her lashes feathery and nicely curled for hours. With no need for your lash curler, Rimmel London’s new SuperCurler 24hr Mascara gives a dramatic even curl that can last for up to 24hrs! The curved brush enables you to pack on a couple of layers quickly.

*JO’S TIP*: “I recommend turning the mascara wand vertically and using the point to apply further mascara near the root of your lashes to increase volume and further lift!”

SKIN Jo wanted Emmy’s skin to be flawless but not overdone with a subtle hint of blush, with main focus on the eye and a killer head-turning red lip. Before she applied a light base, she smoothed over a thin veil of Rimmel London Lasting Finish Primer, which guarantees to perfect the skin’s surface and keep your foundation in place for up to 8hrs. Next she opted for Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mouse Foundation. Featherlight and creamy on application with a lasting oil free formula means its a foolproof product for a red carpet moment. She mixed #trueivory and #ivory together and applied it all over her face and a little on her neck and shoulders. Jo didn’t want to add any prominent color to Emmy’s cheeks, she wanted to give her a sculpted look to enhance her cheekbones. Grabbing her treasured Sculpting Palette Designed by Kate Moss for Rimmel in Coral Glow, she softly swiped long brushstrokes upwards in the hollow of Emmy's cheeks, using the middle color #2 - this helps the skin look healthy and adds dimension to Emmy’s face.

LIPS For the grand finale, there was one grand-slam color, which stood out to both Emmy and Jo. Rimmel London’s new The One And Only Lipstick in Best of the Best is a brilliant true red with incredible pigment-rich finish. This scarlet red shade complemented Emmy’s look perfectly.

BROWS A couple of coats of Rimmel London Brow This Way clear brow gel really holds any unruly hairs in place. Emmy has great brows so this was all Jo needed to finesse and frame her eye area.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Rimmel London products are available at chain drug stores and mass retailers nationwide. Visit www.RimmelLondon.com for store locations and to try the newest products with Rimmel London’s exclusive Virtual Makeup Tool.

My Review: I gave the Scandaleyes XX-Treme Mascara and the Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Sticks in Gold Digger and Paranoid Purple. I don't normally go for the super dramatic make-up but every once in a while I like to do it for date night. You know - get that "Whoa!" affect from the hubs. I am so happy with how easy the eye shadow sticks were to put on - just a quick line on my lid and some smudging with my fingers and I had a really decent smokey eye. The mascara was like putting the cherry on the cake so to speak - when on smooth and made my lashes pop like I haven't seen before. It's perfect if you are looking to create a dramatic and fancy look for a night on the town.

Disclaimer: I was given these products in exchange for my honest opinions and feedback. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Date Night Done Right!

A family is a group of people, who may or may not share blood-ties, but definitely have a devotion and love for one another. A marriage is the beginning of this concept and starts with just two people - who make a commitment to one another. In order for your marriage to remain intact after the addition of children to your family, you must make the effort! If you ask any couple celebrating their Golden Anniversary how they did it, the answer is not going to be “It was effortless.” If you want to go the distance in your marriage you are going to have to work for it. This means taking the time to be a couple again and not just parents.

So either co-op with a few other couples or just hire a sitter for the night, and go out at least once a month. It doesn’t have to be any thing extravagant and take a huge chunk out of your entertainment budget for the whole family. But it does need to be something you couldn’t and/or shouldn’t do with your children. Try out the local pub everyone has been raving about. Watch a rated R movie – in the theater. Go dancing, or take some sort of class together – massage for couples in a great one! Go to a play or concert that would bore your children half to death. Go skydiving. You could also go out and do something that maybe is a kid event - but might be a little more fun without the kids like bowling, mini golf, laser tag. Just get out and be adults for once.

Your marriage will grow stronger and stronger each time you make the effort to feed it. It might seem like something so small, but it will result in both of you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Every parent needs a small break from all the adulting required to look after your children day in and day out. You will also find yourself looking forward to date night and realizing that it will help get you through those tough days when you know a reward is coming.

One more thing about this date night concept. Make sure that you pick a sitter that you really trust. Make sure that they have your cell number, your husband’s cell number, an idea of where you will be. And then DO NOT CALL TO CHECK UP ON THEM!!! Unless you are going to be later than expected there is no need to double check your sitter. Your children are going to be fine; they are enjoying their own little break from you.

So get out your calendar, make a reservation, and have fun!

Monday, February 8, 2016

It's Monday - What are you giving away? #GiveawayLinky

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