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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

#Giveaway - $25 Amazon GC for Book Lovers

hgg book Hello everybody and welcome to the 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for the Book Lover hosted by Homeschoolin' Mommy Chronicles! I would also like to thank all of the participating bloggers who are helping to promote this gift guide. Thank you all! This guide will list products that book lovers far and wide would love. Stay tuned for an exciting giveaway below, as well!

Old Books Soy Candle from Frostbeard

Frostbeard sells handcrafted candles for book lovers inspired by stories and their characters. This particular candle is described as:
"Imagine a room filled from floor-to-ceiling with books. Countless tomes beckoning you to leaf through their pages because you love the stories they hold and their intoxicating smell.
Our Old Books fragrance is subtle and comforting. Papery and vanilla overtones when unlit, dissolving into a lovely complex aroma when melted."
How fun is that?

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Mini Book Necklace from Jewellery by Compliment  

bookneck Do you know a book loving fashionista? Well, this could be the perfect gift for them! This cute little necklace is made from polymer clay and bronze tone charms.

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Mini Book Necklace

Personalized Book Mark From We Love To Create

book mark We Love To Create has many style of book marks they are able to personalizable with initials that are the perfect small gift for a book lover you know.

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Personalized Book Mark

Amazon Gift Card

amazon A gift card, the thing you get somebody who you have no idea what to get them? Why, you ask? Well, because it would allow a book lover to get any book that tickles their fancy. Do they like fantasy or romance, mystery or paranormal? Amazon has it all! 

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Amazon Gift Card

Win It!

$25 Amazon Gift Card For Book Lovers
The giveaway/s associated with this post is Open to the US only. You must be age 18 and older to enter. None of the participating promotional bloggers are responsible for fulfillment of this prize package.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Rustic Christmas Wreath - DIY

The holidays are upon us and that usually means lots of fun DIY holiday decor. Most years I make my own wreath to hang on the front door. This year I am extra proud of my creation - a Rustic Christmas wreath that was so simple to make it's almost silly. Here's my masterpiece for this year:

And here's how I made it:
  1. Wreath form - you call use styrofoam, pool noodle, or wire form (I used a 12 inch wire because it is easier to hold the burlap on)
  2. Burlap - the amount depends on how big your form is. I cut them into 6 inch wide strips, roughly 6 feet long and used 6 of them to get all the way around my 12 in form. 
  3. Holiday Picks - I found these super cute one as Jo-Ann's on sale for 60% off this last weekend with a 20% off everything coupon. This is where the cost of a project like this can skyrocket. I always try to get items that are on sale, look at the clearance stuff from the last holiday, you'd be surprised what you could use!

That's it - truly!!

How to make it:

  1. To start, I took three strips of the burlap and simply braided it together. Try to keep it fairly tight so that you can see the braid when you wrap it around the wreath form 
  2. Once you have braided all your burlap - enough to wrap around the entire form, lace one end of the braid through the wire form, to hold it in place. If you are using a foam form, you may need to hot glue or spray adhesive it. 
  3. If you have a little excess at the end of the last braid, separate the pieces and tie into a cute bow, otherwise just tuck it in back through the wire form. 
  4. Then just arrange your picks however you think they look nice. 
One Tip - this wreath is going to be a little on the heavy side, as the amount of burlap you are using is fairly heavy, so make sure that your wreath hanger (whether over the door, or a nail in the door) is strong enough to hold the wreath before you put it up.

That's all - I literally think it took me longer to sort through the picks at Jo-Ann's than it actually took me to make the wreath!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday #GiveawayLinky - What are you giving away?

Everyone loves to win stuff right? And who doesn't want to start of their week with a win??
Looking for giveaways to enter - check out the links below! Hosting a giveaway - link it up below!!
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    Monday Giveaway Linky!

    Saturday, November 21, 2015

    Why I Let My Kids Watch TV....

    This is another one of those – “I will never do that with my children” moment. I am sure that when you were pregnant you and your husband came up with all these bright ideas about how your children would be raised. No candy, no TV, no PG-13 movies, etc. And then you actually had the child and everything sort of flew out the window with the first tantrum at the grocery store. I am not in any way implying that you should give into your child’s every whim. I am, however, saying that you should lighten up a little and pick your battles.

    With specific regard for the television ban, let me appeal to your sanity retention reflex. There will be days when you absolutely have to get something done – start to finish – in a limited amount of time. And that something requires little to no interruption and/or "help" from your little ones. Think about the times when you have some sort of billing error to address or maybe you have thirty packets you agreed to make for your kid's class or that awesome homemade gift for your friend's birthday - tomorrow or truthfully you just need thirty minutes of quiet. This is when you harness the power of the television to entertain and occupy your child for the length of one program, or a movie, as needed. You are not going to turn your children into couch potatoes in training just by allowing them to view a few programs.

    If you are really concerned by the influence television can have over your child, keep these concepts in the back of your head:

    • Be selective about what you choose to turn on. A lot of programs are specifically designed to teach your children positive lessons, basic knowledge and even problem solving skills and good habits. Think PBS programming.

    • Use DVDs instead of regular programmed shows to avoid the “I want one of those” struggles you will encounter when they see the latest toys or snack food ads. (Another reason to choose PBS - they don't show many commercials)

    - Several cable providers have parental controls that can block out certain types of shows/movies (like TV MA) or even entire channels. You can even get as specific as only allowing certain channels to play at certain times of the day. 

    • Inform your children of their time limits. Something like “Once the video ends, the TV is turned off” should cross your lips as you are starting the video. Also as your children get older you may allow them to select their own programming but give a specific time limit (i.e. one hour) instead of two shows. They are smart enough to figure out that you might not catch on that the same show comes on twice in a row. But be sure to set up your televisions parental controls.

    You can also use the time to take a shower, make dinner, or rest on the couch if you are in serious need of a break. It is important not to view your TV as a babysitter, on call 24/7. If you can offer minimal supervision while doing what you need to do – go for something a little more interactive. Like giving them crayons and paper and set them up across the table while you balance your checkbook.

    You should also pre-screen an episode of the shows you choose to allow your children to watch. It is amazing the things that will come out of some cute and cuddly little bear’s mouth. You should also try to keep an ear on the set to catch anything inappropriate.

    Thursday, November 19, 2015

    #Giveaway: Geometric Origami Mini Kit by LaFosse & Alexander #Product Review

    This compact origami kit contains everything you need to create beautiful, geometric origami sculptures.

    Art and math intertwine in exciting and complex new ways in Geometric Origami Kit. World renowned origami artists Michael G. LaFosse and Richard L. Alexander bring you this paper craft kit where folding a piece of paper creates a new and wondrous origami object. In Geometric Origami, the initial folds are easily created, but once the basic building blocks are ready, the intricate combining of these pieces form new geometric origami sculptures that interlock into interchangeable origami puzzles. Ideal for demonstrating the sophistication and wonder of geometry, they can also be great conversation starting decorations for the home or office. This kit and DVD provide the beginning folder with a series of fun, modular origami projects that represent a wide variety of subjects and techniques.

    This origami kit includes:
    • Full-color 32-page book 
    • Step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow diagrams 
    •  DVD with video tutorial 
    • 120 sheets of durable authentic origami paper 
    • A variety of different colors

    At a glance, Geometric Origami may seem too difficult to attempt, but once the methods are broken down and explained they are quite simple and can be completed by children and or beginning origami students. The intricate, multi-paper origami sculptures will put your paper folding skills on a whole new level and are excellent for use in the classroom, for art, math or geometry investigations.

    Origami projects include:
    •  Harlequin Cube 
    •  Chevron Pinwheel 
    • Dazzle Star 
    •  Hedgehog Dado 
    • Stellated Octahedron
     My Review: My kids all love origami. One of my middle sons especially loves origami and has gotten to the point that he is constantly folding every bit of paper he can get his hands on. His teacher has been so impressed with his skill, she lets him teach the class how to fold different pieces. This book that incorporates geometry into the art form of origami is an amazing way to get kids excited about both. What I really liked about the projects in this kit is that they are multi-paper projects, which opens a whole new door in the origami world. The paper is great quality - which is important as my son has learned when you want those crisp folds needs for intricate pieces. Geometric Origami would be a great gift for a child or adult.

    Woohoo! Time for a Giveaway!!
    Tuttle Publishing is giving away a copy of Geometric Origami One (1) Lucky Winner!! Giveaway starts November 19, 2015 at 12am PST and ends December 3 , 2015 at 11:59pm PST.

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